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Collectively, we’ve been to a lot of conferences in our time, and for the most part, we’ve come away feeling fired up and fortunate to work in the creative industries. What if we could access that feeling for an entire month?

That’s the intent behind our virtual conference: TRANSFORM!

This is a space for reflection, provocation and imagination. 

This is a space for big ideas and thought leadership, as well as a resource for professionals in the audiovisual and cultural sectors to engage with peers in their own industry and hear from cutting-edge practitioners from outside of it. 

The idea is to encourage transformation, to evaluate the risks and benefits of experimentation and ask how and why individuals and organisations are embracing the future. 

We’ll be addressing key themes in the new Creative Europe Programme such as 

  • cross-border collaboration
  • how as an industry we can foster new talent and support the making of innovative work
  • gender parity
  • the importance of training an emerging generation of creative professionals and providing opportunities for mentorship
  • developing new audiences and innovative business models that increase the circulation of European cinema
  • the value of structured networks. 

If you want to know more about the work Creative Europe Desk UK does to support, promote and advise on European funding, visit our about page!



How can we build sustainable businesses? How can we find new audiences? How can we learn from each other across borders? How can we navigate an uncertain future? 

These are the questions at the heart of TRANSFORM!, a conference that wants you to stay curious, flexible and open. Whether it’s about embracing new business models and revenue streams, creating new partnerships or borrowing and applying working methods from other sectors, we believe that the best way to evolve is through exploring the unexpected. 

TRANSFORM! is based on the idea that change is good, and something we can all be better at. 


Why online?

Conferences can cost a pretty penny. They require a day-off, travel and can present an overwhelming amount of information to absorb in one sitting, as well as the prospect of soggy sandwiches. What’s more the physical separation from your workplace environment can make it tricky to recreate the energy of the conference and apply what you learned to your day-to-day routine. 

We’re forgoing sandwiches in favour of transforming how you engage with cutting-edge content. It will be bite-size, digestible and accessible. You’ll be able to hear from the most exciting minds and unique voices in the audiovisual and cultural sectors to tell us how they’re feeling about 2020, what they’ve learnt in the past few years and what changes are on the horizon, all whilst drinking your morning coffee.

We encourage you to leave comments on the website, tweet us at @CEDUK_MEDIA and @CEDUK_Culture, using #TRANSFORM #CreativeEurope and continue the conversation online. 

What can I expect?

Put simply, a season of pep talks. 

You might have seen the Kid President video, well, think along those lines, except not as cute. 

Every day during the month of November we’ll be publishing a piece of content to invigorate your mind, make you think outside the box and ask questions. Think interviews, podcasts, debates, video essays and online roundtables. 

Contributors and collaborators include…

…and many more

How can I attend?

This is the fun part.

How and when you attend is up to you. 

Stop by first thing every morning and discover the latest piece of content we’ve published. Read it there and then, or save it for when you’re taking a break from emails. (We recommend bookmarking the website or following us @CEDUK_MEDIA and @CEDUK_Culture on Twitter to be the first to find out when a new ‘event’ is live.)

Or you can tune in towards the very end of November and binge on all the Q&As, conversations, podcasts and predictions that will aim to provide a bigger picture of key issues we are facing as an industry.

We also recommend signing up to our newsletter and each week we’ll provide a summary of what you can read, listen to and watch from TRANSFORM!

The content is here (and will remain visible past November) for you to discover, revisit and share as and when you need it. And we encourage you to leave comments in the section beneath and interact with other attendees. 

We hope to see you there! 


Why should I attend?

It’s fair to say Brexit has been dominating the cultural and political agenda over the past few years. Members of the UK arts and screen sectors have barely had time to check into their hotel before being asked ‘what’s happening with Brexit’ at festivals across the world. 

We want to transform the conversation and think about the audiovisual and cultural sectors, both within and outside of the UK, beyond Brexit. 

TRANSFORM! is a space for reflection about the value of the programme, which transcends financial grants. In just over a year, the new edition of a bigger, bolder and better Creative Europe will launch to reinforce support to the sector’s international ambitions, risk-taking, trailblazing and technology-enabled creative transformation.

We hope that in hearing from Creative Europe beneficiaries and friends of the programme across Europe, we can exemplify the positive impact it’s had and the appetite for the UK’s continued participation in this creatively-rich, diverse and collaborative landscape.


Image: Creative Commons, Source: Unsplash

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